Qualities of a Good Dentist

The demand of being able to eat according to our wish has led to the increase in the number of dentist as more and more people suffer from oral problems more they need dentists to help them but have you ever thought why some dentists are famous and others are not?

It is because of the qualities which differ from person to person and the one whose qualities are best for the profession of dentist then these are known as qualities of a good dentist. Dentists who are known for their profession are likely to have same kind of qualities, which makes them better than others and they are:

  • Generally, after becoming dentist most of the doctors quit studying because they think they have achieved their goal but a good dentist is whom keeps studying even after having a successful degree because it is important to walk with new technology hand in hand. If you are well updated then you can take advantage of all the technology in doing treatment to make them better.
  • Many patients fear of coming to dentist because of the equipment they use so it is really necessary to make the patient feel comfortable and to do that it is important to have a welcoming staff. It does matter on the staff whether the patient feels comfortable or not and also on doctor; if the doctor talks politely and calmly then the patient feels more secure than going to one who shouts at them.
  • Mostly doctors do not educate their patient well so that they come back but a good dentist is one who educates his patients well about the problem and the reason behind it so that the patients in itself can take preventive measures so that he does not suffer from the same again. In spite of searching benefit for themselves good dentist find ways to benefit their patients so that they can get well as soon as possible.
  • A good dentist is one who is quick in his actions and only the person who can detect the problems quickly and efficiently is the one who has a great knowledge. Without proper knowledge it is useless to be a dentist because referring books all the time will not lead them anywhere.
  • Doctors are known to be good if they have a gentle touch like with dentist, if you are harsh with the teeth you are pulling out then the patient may go through lots of pain and he will never suggest you to anyone. So, a good dentist is one who is gentle with his touch.
  • Good dentist tries to put his every patient at ease, some people are already relax so dentists do not have to put much efforts for them but there are also some people who become a task for dentists and the one who is able to handle them calmly and patiently wins the tag of good dentist.

These are some of the qualities of good dentists.

Importance of Keeping Your Smile Safe

Smile has won many hearts and has really helped people in their corporate lives. Able to survive in the world of corporate is not easy because there at every moment you face tension and pressure from your seniors but the one who is able to smile after all this is considered to be the perfect candidate.

Smile reflects the confidence level if you are smiling over a limit then also it is considered bad. A smile should be perfect according to the place and occasion because unreasonable smile cannot be good for anyone. To have a perfect smile one should have the confidence to smile but some people lag to other in terms of smiling because of bad oral health.


The importance of having a smiling face is not hidden from anyone because if you smile then you are considered to be friendly and if not then either arrogant or rude. Smile reflects a lot about our personality and to have a smiling face it is necessary to have good oral health because smiling with bad oral health can be a cause of embarrassment.

White teeth do not always mean you have good oral health as bad smelling mouth also indicates that you are suffering from bad oral health and even decayed teeth leads to public embarrassment. So, it is very important to save it from each and everything which can affect it and the only way to do it is to stay away from oral problems. It is hard to get rid of mouth bacteria as they can generate because of the food we eat and drink and if we do not maintain proper hygiene of it then chances of suffering from oral problems increases.

Junk food is the main reason for our teeth to get decayed. The demand of unhealthy food is increasing but there is no rise in the preventive measures so that the rising germs can be put on a halt and this is the main reason that on today’s date children are highly prone to problems of cavity; at least one person in every household suffers from something or the other oral problems.

So, it is really important to put a stop mark on it if you really want to enjoy every sort of food in future because if you suffer from any mouth related problems then it will be a big no for you to have anything as per your wish.

Get yourself updated with necessary information so that you can be sufficient to take care of yourself but at times even after having appropriate knowledge we fail to maintain our oral hygiene and then the need of doctor arises. If there is a need of doctor then do not waste your time in thinking and straight way go to doctor so that you can know about the exact problem and its reason so that you can save yourself from suffering again from the same and other related problems.

Know More about Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is infants do not suffer from oral problems and because of which small children land up in many problems. As infants cannot take care of themselves so it becomes the prime duty of parents to get complete knowledge about all the things, which can harm their child and what all preventions should be taken.


Some people go according to their elders as they have lot of experience but sometimes do not forget to cross-check things before actually applying them because some things are not good in real. So, do not act passive and active yourself to collect complete information so that your child will not face any problem because of your negligence. One of the oral problems infants suffer from is “Baby bottle tooth decay”.

Baby bottle tooth decay in itself tells a lot about it, tooth decay which is occurred because of baby bottle but how can a baby bottle be a reason of tooth decay? I understand it sounds a bit complex but it is a kind of true, sometimes baby bottle becomes a reason for your child’s tooth decay.

Not exactly bottle but the content in it i.e. milk. As infants are more sensitive to germs than the teenagers and adults so the chances of catching oral problems also become high and same happens when they intake sugary substance. As milk has sugary substance in it and when children drink it they are prone to catch oral problems and mostly infants because of low level of mouth cleaning.


When a child sleeps with a baby bottle in his mouth then the germs starts prevailing themselves which causes even a child to suffer from these problems but it is hard to find at the initial stage so many children grow with these problems from starting.

If you one from them who did not know about this then start it from today only because as soon as you start taking precautions it will be better for your child. Whenever you see him sleepy with a bottle in his mouth then remove it and next time try to feed him when he is awake.

Try to clean his gums with the help of gauge or any soft cloth but do not use toothpaste because some parents do not understand they are still very small to handle them. If you do not have much knowledge then consult your doctor before taking any step and if your doctor is not available then you can also take the help of internet because many doctors and experts post their comments on the previously posted questions and if you have an all new doubt then you can post it and the people who have knowledge about it will give you all possible ways.

Internet has helped lots of people in emergency and sometimes relying on it is better than not taking any action. You can also contact any doctor through web services for better consultation.